Manu -Horned Screamer

MANU -Horned Screamer (Manu Reserved Zone) 7D/6N Bus & Bus.

  • Gallito de las Rocas (Peruvian Famous Biird) Mirador, 5 species of monkeys, Blue and Yellow Macaws Blanquillo Mirador, comfortable lodges every night with mosquitoes net, parrots and hundred of birds... Lead by a highly recommended Naturalist guides.
  • Best time to go: From January to December.
  • Rating: Easy to Moderate.
  • Typical group Size: 4-8 person. (Accommodation for 2)
  • Blanquillo Macaw Clay Mirador: INCLUDED in the price!
  • Price:US$ 1,640.00 per person -Group Tour (4 person group).
  • Price:US$ 1,980.00 per person -Private Tour (3 person group).
  • Price:US$ 1,640.00 + $450 per person -Private Tour (2 person group).

  • PLEASE NOTE.- Once we receive your reservation and deposit our main concern is to find at least 2 or more participants in this group date so your trip is confirmed in a group rate. In extreme case and when we end with only 2 person booked... we will not cancel your trip, so an additional extra of US$ 450.00 per person is required to pay to allow us this tour operation with only 2 person in a private service. (Private land transport, private motor boat and driver, a guide and a cook.)

MANU TRIPS with SAS Travel.-

EXPERT NATURALIST GUIDES.- (It is an urban legend and not true that only someone who just grow up in the jungle is the best interpreter guiding in this complex ecosystem and pristine Manu jungle paradise.. there are a few very highly well educated Manu Park guides who has obtained degrees in Biology, Botanic, Anthropology and History... charismatic, knowledgeable, passionate and sensitive with advanced level of english spoken... ) this is the sort of guides we have for you in our Manu trips.

SMALL GROUPS.- Get closer to real life situations with more personalized interactions , more lectures and interpretation from your naturalist guide, better option for spotting wildlife, monkeys,birds and hundreds of creatures around.

PACK for a PURPOSE (Small space. Little Effort. Big Impact).- (Small space. Little Effort. Big Impact).- We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families.



early at 05:45 am pick up from your hotels in Cusco, first part of our excursion will take us through the majestic Andean mountains, after an 45 minutes we will find Huacarpay lake, a high Andean Lagoon that boasts heaps of flora and fauna typical of the Andean mountains a paradise to see birds. Afterwards we will arrive to Huancarani which contains the funeral towers of Ninamarca, a cemetery of the Lupaca Pre –Inca Culture, then we will reach Paucartambo, the famous traditional and folkloric town. At mid-day we will arrive at the entrance of Manu National Park and access to one of the most protected natural areas in South America. We will continue on our bus down a dirt road and on through the thick fog from which this section of the forest takes it name. Eventually we will arrive at the home of the exotic Peruvian National Bird, Gallito de las rocas, the “Cock of the Rocks”, to observe the social gathering that seems reminiscent of a large courtship. You will find that this is quite an amazing spectacle complete with an impressive array of sounds and colours that can only be found in the jungle. For our first night, we will stay in the BAMBU Lodge, where we will arrive at approx. 5:00 p.m


Very early we will leave to Puerto Atalaya; on the way we will make a few stops to visit the small, communities of Patria and Pillcopata. These communities are well-known to be producers of many varieties of jungle fruits even the famous Coca plant. Later, we will begin the motor boating portion of our journey in a river excursion on the Madre de Dios river, or “Mother of God” River, one of the tributaries of the mighty Amazon River. During our day we will have the chance to be witness observing many types of colorful birds such as macaws, parrots, Oropendolas, vultures and others species. Hopefully, we will make some sightings of some jungle mammals such as monkeys or the famous capybaras (jungle rodents that are as much as 2.5 feet long, Towards the late afternoon, we will arrive to our next sleeping destination I- MANU LODGE, at this place will be showers and services available.


Today we will go to one of the main areas of the Manu National Park, the Tourist Zone. For the next 5 to 6 hours, depending on the level of the water in the Manu River, we will sail down the robust river in our river boat. Because of the lack of civilization in this part of the jungle it will make all that much easier for us to take notice of the rich wildlife to be found here. Animals such as Capybaras, Caymans, monkeys and with a little bit of luck, maybe we will be able to see the great, South American feline, the Jaguar, which may just resting in the sun some place along the river. We will then arrive to our private area in the Manu reserved zone, the Capybara Lodge, where we will spend the 2 following nights. If there is sufficient time, we will take a trail nearby the camp site, your guide will offer you a full interpretation of the fauna and flora, the ecosystem, interaction and symbiosis in this fragile ecosystem of this complicated Tropical Amazonian forest. (Walks at night optional).


We will begin with an early morning visiting one of the biggest lake in the park the stunning Salvador Lake, which is the natural habitat for any countless number of local species. This is the jungle at its best, boasting such animals as the Black Cayman and the Giant River Otters, both of which are endangered and at risk of extinction. This is one of the only areas in the entire world where we may see one, not in captivity, but instead in its natural environment. During the evening, we will continue on to see another lake, this one equipped with a lookout tower alongside used for viewing the immense lake from a birds-eye-view. This will be a fantastic opportunity to soak up the amazing views of Lake Otorongo. Then it is back to the Capybara Lodge for dinner and sleep. (Walks at night opcional).


Today we have one more opportunity to explore the forest around Salvador Lake or around the lodge; maybe we will even have a chance to see a group of Tamarine Monkeys, which are the smallest monkeys in the entire world. Be aware of surroundings, because they could sneak up right behind you!!. Later after lunch we will take the boat and travel for four hours down stream the Manu River, on the way we might see some black caimans laying on the beach getting the sun heat, maybe we will be able to see the great, South American feline, the Jaguar, which may just resting in the sun some place along the river. At night, we will visit another system of trails with a completely different set of characteristics than the first one. Our guide will explain to us why and how locals are still using different plants of the jungle as traditional medicines and show us native plants from the area.


Early in the morning, we will depart and move in the direction of our last lodging of the journey. In order to get there, we will travel for 8 hours with a stop in a beautiful place of hot spring, where we will spend some time to relax and swimming in the hot spring; from here it takes a few hours to get our lodge. Arriving to our location we explore the area, where we can see some more birds and perhaps some monkeys (Walks at night optional).


At the crack of dawn we will go on an early morning trek through the jungle on our way to enjoy the one the Amazon Jungles most impressive spectacles, the amazing Parrots Clay Lick. This is where hundreds of colorful parrots, congregate to “lick” the clay thereby receiving its nutrients. After the activity we will go back to the lodge for breakfast, then we will travel for 20 minutes up steam to Atalaya Port where a bus is waiting for us to take us back to Cusco, arriving late in the afternoon by 6 or 7 pm approx..


  • Price: US$ 1640.00 per person.
  • Booking Deposit required $500 per person.
  • Select the month and date and click on the Calendar the Departure Date (Leaving Date) of your preference.
  • FINAL PAYMENT: We require a full payment of your tour transferring 1 month before OR pay in our office in Cusco 5-3 days before of your departure date in USD$ cash.


What is Included  

  • Expert naturalist guide (telescope binoculars and equipment)
  • Private vehicle from Cusco to Atalaya and Return Atalaya to Cusco.
  • Private boat from Atalaya - Lake Salvador - Boca Manu.
  • Entrance fees and Paper work for Manu -Reserved Zone.
  • Admission fee to the Cock of the rocks
  • Admission fee for Macaw Clay lick US$90 Included.
  • Excursions at the trails at Salvador & Otorongo lakes
  • Catamaran, watching towers and trails system.
  • Accommodations in Lodges & Tented platforms (beds w mosquitoes nets)
  • Full Board Meals (7 breakfast, 7 lunches and 6 dinner)
  • Vegetarian option by request (Experienced cooks and staff)
  • Drinking bottle water provided
  • Bottled water for cooking and washing.
  • First Aid Kit, extractor for poison.
  • Manu birds and wildlife checking list.
  • Radio communication.

What is not Included  

  • Binocular
  • Money for extra soft drinks and beers
  • Optional tips for the staff tour guide, cook, motorists
  • Personal items and medicines (gear, clothing, laundry, telephone calls, etc.)
  • Accommodation in Cusco not included

  • lightweight, tightweave long cotton pants
  • long -sleaved cotton shirts preferably in green or tan colours
  • a fleece and a windbreaker are advisable for cool evenings
  • light raingear (poncho) for sudden downpours
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • sneakers (covered shoes) or other low heeled walking shoes are essential
  • a light hat and suntan lotion
  • insect repellent is a must, preferably with deet
  • a small rucksack
  • a water bottle
  • good binoculars
  • flashlight or headlight
  • pocketknife
  • energy snacks will be very useful
  • personal medical kit
  • toiletries
  • cameras, 400 exp film
  • scanned copy of passport
  • yellow fever certificate
  • extra money
  • put your cloths in plastic bags
  • Photography: we recommend that you use film of 400 ASA or higher for the darker areas under the canopy. Normal 100 ASA can be used when out on the river or lakes. Protect your equipment against moisture with waterproof cases.





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