Classic Inca Trail Permits

Because of the Classic Trail's popularity, the Peruvian Government have initiated a number of schemes to reduce the negative impact upon the trail and the ancient city. The most notable of these came in 2001 when the government installed a quota scheme whereby only a set number of people would be allowed to trek the route each day. This scheme is still in effect today and means that anyone wishing to trek the classic route will need to obtain a permit prior to their departure.

The scheme allocates 500 permits a day, which includes (200) tourists, porters and guides (300).

Because the permits are sold on a first come first serve basis, <ong>you need to book your tour well in advance because permits are like gold dust!

A second Government scheme was to insist that every trekker on the Classic hike must be accompanied by a registered guide. Therefore, only authorised tour companies can obtain permits and you’ll need to go through an operator to purchase one. We often get asked if you can purchase last minute cancellation permits. Sadly, the answer is no as all permits are paired with a individual’s passport number and the Government have strict control policies at Trail check points.

If you plan on trekking the famous Inca Trail route,we would suggest booking your tour at least 10-8 months in advance, particularly if you plan on trekking in the high season (May to September)! Then we can guarantee you’ll get a permit, however, the earlier you book, the better chance you have. When booking online, be sure to write down all your details accurately as any error in personal details cannot be changed and you won’t be allowed onto the trail.

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